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Thanks for considering Old Gold Exchange for all of
 your precious metals and estate jewelry needs!

When my dad started our family in the jewelry
 business in 1973, he did it with a commitment to
 quality and a level of customer service that is 
unsurpassed in the industry. We continue that 
philosophy today.

One question is pertinent when it comes to selling
 your gold, silver or platinum: “How is Old Gold
 Exchange different?”

Knowing the reputation and integrity of those you do business with is key to a positive experience. We are an honest, trusted, family-owned and
 operated business with an extremely loyal
 customer base. We view each customer as a member of our family. You will instantly notice a difference from other jewelry stores and gold buyers the moment you walk into an Old Gold Exchange or Lincoln Jewelers location. We look 
forward to adding you to “the family.”

We also sell the finest, most unique estate jewelry
around! Most everything we buy gets melted down
but occasionally we come across a piece that is just too beautiful to melt! Take a look at some of those pieces by clicking here.

Whether it comes to selling your gold, silver and
 platinum or purchasing fine estate jewelry, please 
consider Old Gold Exchange and Lincoln Jewelers. Remember that we are not tied to any corporate
 strings–so we can make you whatever deal we want 
to make! Even if you don’t come to us first, please 
come to us last and GIVE US THE CHANCE TO 

Additionally, please accept a coupon to receive 10%
more for your gold, silver and platinum by clicking

Thanks for your time! We are eager to serve you
and look forward to earning your business!

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